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The My StoryTime App 

My Storytime helps you record stories when you’re apart and makes them instantly accessible back home through the Google Assistant.


Setup My Storytime

  1. Visit the My Storytime website. https://mystorytime.com/
  2. Log in using your Google account (Gmail) - the one connected to your Google Home device. Don't have one? Create one here.
  3. You’ll be asked to make short recordings, including phrases that will help guide Storytime when invoked, such as “Which story would you like to hear?” or “Should we keep reading? "or "Read a different story?”
  4. Once you’ve recorded those set-up phrases, you can start recording yourself reading aloud entire chapters of any book and connect to the TeddyMozart bear.

Setup TeddyMozart

Turn ON

    1. Unzip bottom of bear and remove acorn bluetooth speaker.
    2. Press round button of bluetooth speaker to turn speaker ON / OFF.
    3. Re-insert bluetooth speaker back inside the zipper portion of bear.


    1. Go to Settings in your smartphone or tablet.
    2. Select Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth ON.
    3. Search and select TeddyMozart from the list of bluetooth devices.


    To share from My Storytime App

    1. Click the Share button next to your recording.
    2. Invite a parent, family friend or babysitter by entering their email.
    3. The recipient will get a notification with a link and will be able to access your recordings. 
    4. The recipient will be able to play your recordings on the TeddyMozart speaker when they connect their smartphone or tablet to the TeddyMozart speaker via Bluetooth.
    5. Optional: The recipient can also play the recordings from a Google Home device if that Google Home device is setup with the same Google Account as the sender. See how here.



    Important Note:  The TeddyMozart App has been decommissioned. Please use The My Storytime App mentioned above. Thank you.