Record and play your voice in a bear

Preserve the voice, songs and stories of a beloved grandparent or family member

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Stay present with loved ones

Read bedtime stories with your recorded voice from afar

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Be present from afar with your voice with TeddyMozart and My Storytime App

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Your voice recordable bluetooth bear

Record and play grandma's voice, tell stories, even when you’re apart.

Your Voice. Shared. Simple.

TeddyMozart is a bluetooth teddy bear speaker and now with the My Storytime App by Google you can pre-record stories, family songs and messages from anywhere, and play them back with the Google Assistant on TeddyMozart Bear or on your Google Home Device.


Your voice is a gift

Children thrive from the love of those around them. Share memories with your voice or the voice of a loved one while your little ones listen on through a cuddly TeddyMozart bear.

Read to your kids from afar

TeddyMozart is the perfect companion for military families.  Service members can still be there at bedtime for their children by reading stories through TeddyMozart while on duty.

Meet Teddy

Your child's companion who comes with its own carrying drawstring bag, an acorn bluetooth speaker, a mobile recording app and 3 storybooks

TeddyMozart Bluetooth Voice Recordable Bear with My Storytime App
  • Bluetooth Acorn Speaker

    Rechargeable and removable. 5- 8 hours play time. 

  • My Storytime App

    Record short messages, stories or family songs. Share with family members. 

  • Teddy's Storybooks

    Three fun and educational storybooks that your kids can read along to. Record your voice reading one of these stories!

  • Convenient & Maintenance Friendly

    Washable when acorn speaker is removed.

TeddyMozart is better with My Storytime App

Tell stories, even when you’re apart. Pre-record stories from anywhere, and play them back with the Google Assistant on TeddyMozart Bear or Google Home Device

  • Record

    Record new stories or upload existing audio files. All your recordings are saved securely on the cloud. Only you and those you share them with will be able to access them. Get Started  |   Learn More

  • Listen

    As soon as you add stories, you can play them back on your Google Nest by saying “Hey Google, talk to My Storytime.” Or, connect your phone via Bluetooth to the TeddyMozart Speaker 

  • Share

    Share your stories with family and friends so they can listen and contribute to your stories. They just need to be over 13 and have a Google Account. Get Started  |   Learn More


Here what people are saying about TeddyMozart

Highly interactive and educational

This is a toy that appears elegant in its apparent simplicity.

Talia shares this love of music with her dad, and her late grandfather, Stuart. TeddyMozart is helping to bring Stuart's music to life for Talia, and for all of the children in our family.

A unique special gift

for that special new mom, dad, grandparent or military member.