Meet TeddyMozart

Recordable Bluetooth Teddy Bear Speaker

Your voice is love

TeddyMozart preserves grandma's "I love you" message for a lifetime and plays it through a soft, plush teddy bear

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Your voice is comfort

TeddyMozart puts your love ones to bed with your voice when you can't be there in person

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Your voice is education

TeddyMozart reads to your kids from anywhere, anytime with your voice recordings

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Take TeddyMozart home for your kids, niece or nephew. TeddyMozart also makes a great baby shower or birthday gift. For ages 3+.

Your voice + Bluetooth Speaker + Teddy Bear w/ Recording App + Storybooks + Drawstring Bag = Best Gift Ever, aka, crushed it!

A Bluetooth Speaker. A Bear. A Storyteller. A Friend. It's TeddyMozart.

Record and play grandma's voice, read and entertain your kids without being present. You can even wear his hat!

Your Voice. Shared. Simple.

TeddyMozart is a bluetooth teddy bear speaker and a mobile recording app that records and plays your voice messages, family songs and stories.


Your voice is a gift

Children thrive from the love of those around them. Share memories with your voice or the voice of a loved one while your little ones listen on through a cuddly TeddyMozart bear.

Read to your kids from afar

TeddyMozart is the perfect companion for military families.  Service members can still be there at bedtime for their children by reading stories through TeddyMozart while on duty.

Meet Teddy

Your child's companion who comes with its own carrying drawstring bag, an acorn bluetooth speaker, a mobile recording app and 3 storybooks

TeddyMozart Teddy Bear Bluetooth Plush Speaker Premium - Free Global Shipping
  • Bluetooth Acorn Speaker

    Rechargeable and removable. 5- 8 hours play time. 

  • Teddy's Mobile App

    Record short messages, stories or family songs. Share with family members. 200+ hrs of  preloaded content in app.

  • Teddy's Storybooks

    Three fun and educational storybooks that your kids can read along to. Record your voice reading one of these stories!

  • Convenient & Maintenance Friendly

    Washable when acorn speaker is removed.

Teddy's App

Mobile Recording App for Android and IOS Smartphones

  • Record

    Record your own voice telling a story, singing a song or just saying "goodnight."

  • Share

    Have grandparents share their stories and favorite fables with Teddy who will hold their secret until that sweet baby arrives… and beyond.

  • Explore

    Explore new songs, stories, white noise and other fun and educational content for children.

As seen on QVC

Grandma's voice in a bear for your little loved ones. 


Your voice is a gift with this bear.

Other Features

Explore Library

Play over 200 fun and educational children songs and stories from our public library

Remote Parenting

Record yourself reading one of your favorite stories from anywhere in the world for Teddy to read to your loved ones

Create your own playlist

Customize your own playback experience by creating playlists to group your recordings. Add a photo as an album cover


Schedule your voice or any one of our songs or stories from the library to play at any time of the day, week or month


Here what people are saying about TeddyMozart

Highly interactive and educational

This is a toy that appears elegant in its apparent simplicity.

Talia shares this love of music with her dad, and her late grandfather, Stuart. TeddyMozart is helping to bring Stuart's music to life for Talia, and for all of the children in our family.

A unique special gift

for that special new mom, dad, grandparent or military member.



  • Bluetooth Speaker

    Bluetooth acorn nut-shaped speaker. Speaker charges for 1.5h. Battery charge lasts for 5 to 8 hours.

  • Teddy's Hat

    Red children's wearable hat with adjustable strap and zipper pouch.

  • Branded Carrying Bag

    Carrying bag for hosting and carrying TeddyMozart and accessories.