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Voice is How We Connect With Each Other

Voice is How We Connect With Each Other


So many of us receive so much information from so many sources, that we often fail to realize just how powerful the human voice is. We all have different reactions to not only what is said to us, but to the ways we are spoken to. Timbre, pitch, speed, inflection, accent, and many other components of human speech play vital roles in the way we take in and process information.

Of course, our sensitivity to the human voice is ingrained in us from an early age. The research article,

"Mothers Consistently Alter Their Unique Vocal Fingerprints When Communicating with Infants,"

further buttresses this claim, reporting that the ability to communicate with one another is developed from an early age, as infants learn to discern the subtle statistical differences about people and voices in order to direct their attention toward the most relevant signals. This article also states that mothers across many cultures consistently change the timbre and tone to their voices when speaking to infants, regardless of the languages spoken.

As you can see, people are quite simply born and raised to respond to the subtle complexities of the human voice, and to recognize how subtle changes affect our comprehension. According to the Zero to Three organization,

"The first language an infant learns is through the mother’s voice."

This has great benefits for both mother and child. Listening to the songs or the vibration of voice from a child's home culture creates continuity between the home and the caregiving setting. This is why, at TeddyMozart, we make it very easy for remote family members to be present from afar by helping them share their voices reading a story for their little loved ones.

In summary, in the world of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, voice is still a great way in connecting with one another.

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