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TeddyMozart with My Storytime App

TeddyMozart with My Storytime App

The TeddyMozart Storytelling Experience just got better with Google's My Storytime App.

On Thursday, November 21st, Google launched a new Google Assistant feature called My Storytime that works with the Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker.

The My Storytime App lets parents read to their kids when one parent is away from home. A parent can record chapters of stories and the other parent or babysitter can ask Google Nest or any Google Home Mini device to read those recordings to the kids. 

Even better, My Storytime App works with the TeddyMozart Smart Bear

Using the My Storytime App, the other parent or babysitter can play those same recordings on the TeddyMozart Smart Bear Speaker for a more comfortable and cuddly listening experience by connecting their smartphone via Bluetooth to the TeddyMozart Smart Speaker. Get a TeddyMozart Bear with Google Home Mini: Learn more about the Storytime TeddyMozart Google Home Mini Black Friday Deal (40% off with promo code: TEDDYEXTRA)

How Does it Work


Record new stories or upload existing audio files. All your recordings are saved securely on the cloud. Only you and those you share them with will be able to access them.

Listen with Google Device and TeddyMozart Smart Bear

As soon as you add stories, you can play them back on your Google Nest or Google Home Mini by saying “Hey Google, talk to My Storytime.” Or, connect your phone via Bluetooth to the TeddyMozart Speaker.


Share your stories with family and friends so they can listen and contribute to your stories. They just need to be over 13 and have a Google Account.

Setup My Storytime App

An initial setup is needed in order to get up and running but Google did a great job walking the user through a series of seamless steps thus making setup pretty easy to do. 

  1. Visit My Storytime website
  2. Log into your Google Account that is connected to your Google Home Mini, Nest Speaker or any Google Home device.
  3. Follow the prompts to make a number of short recordings to help guide My Storytime through the setup.

Once you've completed setup, you can record yourself reading chapters of an entire book. Your recordings will be saved on your "My Storytime" page. When you are ready to share click "Share" on your "My Storytime" page and enter the email address of those you want to give access to.

You can then connect to the TeddyMozart Smart Bear in a few easy steps:

1. Turn ON

  • Unzip bottom of bear and remove acorn bluetooth speaker.
  • Press round button of bluetooth speaker to turn speaker ON / OFF.
  • Re-insert bluetooth speaker back inside the zipper portion of bear.

2. Connect 

  • Go to Settings in your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth ON.
  • Search and select TeddyMozart from the list of bluetooth devices.


And to sum it up, watch the video:


Get Started with My Storytime App

Black Friday Special:

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