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COVID-19: Helping families connect during social distancing

COVID-19: Helping families connect during social distancing

As we continue to navigate and respond to COVID-19, we want you to know that we're committed to helping families stay connected with their loved ones while spending time apart.

We were founded with a commitment to help families stay present with their loved ones from afar. In these troubled times, we understand that for the safety and well being of family members, especially grandparents, distancing ourselves is essential and strongly recommended.  

We also understand that life goes on.  Littles ones are born. And before you know it, they are grown! That's why our dedication to our customers remain strong to help you stay present in the lives of those who matter:

Our product and partners are here to help:

Featuring the TeddyMozart Bluetooth Voice Recordable Bear with My Storytime App. With the My Storytime App,  you can pre-record your voice saying short messages, singing a song or reading stories from anywhere, share them with family members and play them back with the Google Assistant on TeddyMozart Bear or Google Home Device.

We are discounting our product:

 The TeddyMozart Bluetooth Voice Recordable Bear with My Storytime App is now $35.40 with this 40% OFF discount code: FamTM2020

We want to hear from you. Share your stories:

Please email us and tell us how you are staying connected with your little loved ones at


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