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Away from home

Away from home


Away from home

We all have events in our lives that pull us away from home. Some events are recurring while others are one-off or temporary. For those recurring events, we may work long hours because we're on the fast career track to a big promotion. We may be consultants traveling from Monday to Thursday, only to be back home on Fridays and the weekends.

As for the one-off events, we may be military parents being deployed overseas for months or even years, or a big sister or brother heading off to college for the first time. 

Regardless of the events, we often leave behind a special someone...a newborn son, a little princess who is just beginning to recognize you as daddy or a little brother or sister who looks up to you dearly. There's always the desire to be connected and stay connected to those we love even when we are apart and even when it is challenging. It is what makes us human. This desire is also what drives us to a solution.

Be present from a far with TeddyMozart

When we cannot be with our loved ones in person, the warmth of our voice can narrow that gap and help us feel closer. With TeddyMozart, your recorded voice played anytime, anywhere, on demand, can read a bedtime story for your little princess or say, "I love you," to your little newborn son every night as if you never left. 


What makes it even more special is that your voice is played through the loveliest, softest and cutest of bears, TeddyMozart.


The Bluetooth Voice Recordable Bear that helps you stay present with your recorded voice when you are away from home.

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